Retail fabrics

I have been completely overwhelmed with the reaction from our retail side, and I thank all my customers to date.

I have been quite shocked not only from my U.K Customers, but also from the number of Global customers, who do not have access to a local fabric store, aswell as the diminishing prescence of "fabric traders" instead retailers selling the same basic/generic lines.

I have therefore been very proud, to be able to give those people access to fabrics, they would not otherwise been able to purchase. This seems even more so that in many cases some clearance deals, would have gone straight to bulk manufacture, or if retailed, then at several multiples of the prices I charge.

I currently retail a wide selection of fabrics, either purchased "Regular"  or "Clearance" from other Wholesalers, Mills and Producers from across the world.

Currently we only retail on ebay. Our full range can be found at